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Comics and Animations

Welcome to the Website of William Liu

William is a budding young artist good at creating comics, animations. He enjoys tennis and video games as well! FYI the Ellen Show image in the background is his brother Charlie, who collaborated with him to create Charlliam Fantasy series. Take a look!

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Charlliam Fantasies

The Charlliam Fantasies series will all be in this Youtube channel.

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“Super Large Asteroid” heading towards Earth revealed to be a meteoroid, vaporizing before reaching Earth

Recently, guinea pig scientists have found that an abnormally large asteroid has been heading towards the earth at the extremely…

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Large asteroid spotted hurtling towards Earth, can our piggies stop it?

According to a recent study of the atmosphere, it seems that there is a 98% chance that earth will be struck by a super large…

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Thieving guinea pig allegedly stole passerby’s lettuce, was soon caught after leaving a trail of urine

According to the local police station at Pigceton, a young guinea pig by the name of Inna Cent had her lettuce stolen after a…

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Many new self driving Lamboar-guinea pigs on the roads now, according to guinea pig transportation expert

Haymo, the leading company for self driving cars, has announced that they would send new Lamboar-guinea pigs on to the roads by…

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