William Liu
William Liu is a 6th grader in Grover Middle School. Like his older brother Charlie, William excels in piano and is a state competition winner; and math - he made the Math Accelerated & Enriched class without any prep at all. He also played tournament tennis and won some matches.

But his real specialty is drawing. While he just picked up learning drawing not too long ago, he had made much progress. Perhaps the most impressive thing about his drawing is that he captures a person's feature and mood with great accuracy and simplicity such that his comics is always a joy to read. His imaginations are also well expressed in the comics, and had to be reined in when making the Charlliam Fantasy series. :)

William is also fairly good at video games. He picks up software and games quickly and studies them in detail. Without such a trait, Charlliam Fantasy would not have been made.

William always strives to be funny, and indeed, from comics to cool animations, his creations always bring a smile to the audience.